Shattered Dreams

Day 1

13th Day of Eleint, 1492 DR

The adventurer’s met at the Yawning Portal in the city of Waterdeep. As the various party members were tending to their own business a fight broke out between what the party came to find out were members of the Xanathar Guild and Zhentarim. The half-orc Yagra of the Zhentarim easily dispatched the challenger from the Xanathar group, but found herself floating in the air as the other Xanathar members started to join into the fight.

The noise of the fight covered the tragedy that was unfolding at the bottom of the passage into the Underdark. After everyone was made aware of the dangers down below a Troll climbed up from below and began attacking. Luckily the troll appeared to be weakened form the swarm of Stirges feasting on it. The party along with help from the barkeep and owner Durnan managed to fell the Troll and quickly soak his body in oil and flame, halting his regeneration.

Amazed at their ability to handle the bar fight and the troll encounter, Volo quickly escorted the party to the side to employ them on a quest to find his missing friend Floon. Floon had last been seen at a Skewered Dragon Inn, located in one of the rougher areas of the Dock Ward.

On the way to the Skewerd Dragon the party came across a the City Watch having broken up what appeared to be a deadly fight involving members of the Xanathar and Zhentarim. Three Zhents were being held for questioning over the six bodies littering the street. The party noticed that the bodies appeared to be members of either the Zhents or Xanathar groups based on the tattoos noticed on some bodies.

Upon arriving at the Skewered Dragon the party managed to find out that Floon and Volo had been there the night before. Both had been well into their drinks, but Volo had left. Floon was then joined by another rich looking man who resembled Floon. The two both spent some time gambling before they were encouraged to leave. As they left five other individuals the inn regulars didn’t recognize, but assumed to be Zhents, followed them out.

The party went to one of the local establishments known to be under the ownership of the Zhents. The party stealth-fully bypassed the outer locked gates, and proceeded to knock on the inner door. Upon hearing no answer the broke in to the warehouse. The darkened interior was full of rotten crates and the corpses of a dozen humans wearing Zhent or Xanathar guild markings. As the party continued to explore the warehouse six hidden Kenku ambushed the party. As they fought the kenku spoke in their odd language repeating phrases they must have heard, “Xanathar sends its regards”, “Tie up the pretty boy and bring him back” , “Follow the yellow signs in the sewer”, "No time to loot, just get him back to the boss". After narrowly avoiding joining the corpses on the floor, the party managed to finish off the last kenku as it tried to escape. Quickly exploring the now quiet warehouse the party stumbled upon a single sheet of perfectly clean white paper amoungst the trash filled offices upstairs. ""Downstairs the party found the unconscious form of Renear Neverember . In addition the party stumbled across a stash of trade silver bars and art in a hidden area. Not able to carry the items the weary party gathered up Renaer and made to find their way somewhere safe to rest.

On their way out the party was made aware of the City Watch as they demanded entry into the warehouse. The party quickly closed the hidden door and disabled the alarm bells that helped them find the hidden area before answering the Watch’s demand to open up. Captain Hyustus Staget questioned the party but found their answers of just having arrived and only looking for Floon as good enough to release them. The watch was able to administer a minor amount of healing too Renaer once they recognized the young lordling. This enabled Renaer to confirm the parties story to the Watch, and that Floon had been with Renaer when they were attacked.

The party tired went to rest at Vaea’s abode a few blocks away, with the City Watch telling them to not leave the city.



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