Shattered Dreams

Day 2

14th Day of Eleint, 1492 DR

The party awoke rested and in much better shape and quickly sought to find Floon. After meeting with Volo and Renaer the party came to believe that Floon was likely mistaken for Renaer when the two were separated. Just to the party Renaer stated he suspected he was targeted because of many believe his father had collected a huge stash of gold during his time as the Open Lord of Waterdeep. That stash has never been found but rumors had started that an artifact called the Stone of Golorr would be able to lead someone to the cache. Renaer knows nothing of the Stone, other than he had heard that the Xanathar’s had gotten their hands on it recently, but had someone how managed to lose it. Renaer admits to knowing nothing more than that, as he hasn’t spoken to his father in years and would like to keep it that way.

The party headed back towards the warehouse from the night before and noticed they were being watched. Quickly giving chase one of the two watching them managed to slip away, but the other was eventually caught and restrained. Hoping to avoid any further difficulties with the City Watch the party quickly hid in the sewers and managed to stumble upon of of the yellow Xanathar markings.

Following the markings the party founds themselves breaking into what was likely a Xanathar safehouse. As they snuck through the safehouse the party found themselves confronted with a pair of goblins, a dark dwarf, and the instigator of the fight at the bar the night before. The party had interrupted the group as they were attempting to barricade the northern door but it quickly came to violence as the two groups clashed. The party quickly dealt with the goblins but the dark dwarf having gone invisible quickly reappeared giant sized and managed to leave some lasting wounds upon the party.

Curious why the door was being barricaded the party investigated the door after a brief rest. Upon opening the door the party found a the fresh remains of goblins floating in a greyish ooze seeping out of the cistern . The ooze quickly attached but the party managed to fend it off, but not before it drained more of the party’s limited healing ability.

Moving on the party sent Vaea ahead to scout while the others barricade the room they were in to recover their energy. Vaea reported back that she saw a man matching Floon’s description being tortured in the next room by some half-orc using a magical flame. In addition a nightmarish creature in the back with rubbery purple skin and tentacles for a mouth sat petting what appeared to be a brain with legs observing the half-orc’s work.

Knowing they were in no shape to deal with the creatures the party resolved to take the time they needed, before storming into what would surely be a deadly encounter. Once ready the party moved ahead cautiously, only to discover the creatures had left, leaving the charred corpse of Floon. Gathering his remains the party exited through a secret passage that led into the home of a halfling family’s basement.

The party took the corpse to the temple Helm nearby and returned to Volo with the ill news. Volo clearly upset, offered the party an alternative to the reward he had originally promised. Confessing he was short of liquid assets, he agreed to part with a piece of property, Trollskull Manor, he was hoping to use as a reference to his next book in place of part of the coin reward. The party accepted, not sure what to expect but too tired and disheartened to much care.



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